Cable Recycling Plant
Cable Recycling Plant

In today's world, the use of plastics continues to increase day by day. In terms of nature, this situation, unfortunately, causes serious harm. In addition to plastics, cables, which are the basic element of electronic devices, are also commonly used.

The recycling of such materials comes to the fore to protect nature and hand down a livable world to future generations. Having a revolutionary quality as part of developing technology, recycling lines allow revaluation and use of wastes.

Cables are suitable for recycling as they are materials containing copper and aluminum. With their recyclable form, used scrap cable varieties can be reused. Cables are mostly used in household appliances along with technological devices. Aged, damaged and waste cables can be reused via recycling.

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Unfortunately, meters of cables are abandoned to nature and left under the ground. Previously, the plastic materials on cables were burned via the stripping method. Pollution of nature and the environment was prevented by separating the plastic. However, within the scope of developing technology, potential pollution is prevented through cable recycling lines.

Thanks to the recycling lines, it is possible to recycle the cable without damaging it. The cables used can be separated as copper and plastic, subjected to production again, and used in different areas. Contaminant elements under the heavy metal group such as selenium and cadmium in cable materials harm both nature and human health. In this context, utilizing recycling lines, cables can be used again in many areas without polluting nature and endangering human life.

Unfortunately, cables can be abandoned to nature after their lifetime is over. In order not to suffer from such situations, it offers the cable recycling line mechanism required for your company at high-quality standards. Advanced technology machinery and equipment in the line, professional solutions to your needs by demonstrating flawless functionality

Products Obtained After Cable Recycling
Products Obtained After Cable Recycling

Fiber optic cables and other cable types are among the recyclable materials. Since the outer layer of the cable contains an insulating material, its recycling rate is very high. By separating the cables, the materials contained in them can be used in different areas.

Thanks to the lines we offer for the recycling plants, the cables can be reused in package materials, toys, electric poles, children's playgrounds, automotive industry, and cable production. At the same time, it will be possible to use them in household appliances and plastic-based products.

What Do Cable Recycling Machines Do?
What Do Cable Recycling Machines Do?

Cables are recycled within the scope of functional machines in the recycling line and made suitable for use. In this context, the cable is crushed in cable recycling machines and PVC particles and copper are separated.

Then, it is turned into particles and transferred to the vibrating sieving machine. There are 4 products obtained after the process. These are PVC, cord fabric, metal, and copper. By recycling the cable waste, you can reuse the products resulting from separation. In this context, cables are the primary recyclable materials in terms of wires.

Cable recycling lines separate many materials from defective cables to fiber cables into reusable parts. In order not to harm nature, we bring you the cable recycling line system you need for your plant. As İnan Plastic, with our machinery and equipment in high-quality standards, we become your professional solution partner.

Recycling of cables is the biggest step taken for both humans and nature. We are aware that the materials inside the cable threaten human health. In this context, we offer you solution-oriented approaches with the advanced technology machines we produce to provide recycling instead of abandoning the cables to nature. To experience high-quality and functionality, you can set your course towards İnan Plastik.

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