Recycling Plants

Increasing consumption rate with each passing day triggers the destruction of the balance of nature. Unfortunately, the harm caused by plastic products that are consumed in large numbers is slowly taking over the world.

In this context, recycling lines are starting to function. As a result of the recycling of wastes and subjecting them to the production stage, they can be turned into raw materials and usable products. Thus, with less amount of plastic, the unnecessary consumption rate is reduced.

Recycling lines have a revolutionary character with the advanced technology functional machines they contain. Thanks to this system, ensuring and protecting the balance of nature gains a new dimension.

The recycling lines deliver a flawless performance in the focus of the revaluation of many waste products. So, for which materials do recycling lines provide functionality? Let's discuss what recycling lines are.

Recycling Lines

What are the Recycling Lines?

Recycling lines have a wide range of reusability for many waste materials. One of the wastes subjected to recycling is, undoubtedly, the cables. Since they are covered with PVC and Polyethylene plastic, cables are very suitable products for recycling. Moreover, silver, steel, and copper wires, which are conductive, can also be recycled.

Cables used in all areas of life become reusable by separating them through necessary processes. For this to happen, the cable recycling line is utilized. As İnan Plastic, we offer all the recycling lines that your company needs, at high-quality standards. We become your professional solution partner in turning the world into a livable form again.

Recycling Lines

Can Polycarbonate Plastics Be Recycled?

Polycarbonate plastics, one of the basic requirements of the construction and communication sector, offer functionality with their extremely resistant structure against high temperatures and impacts. Polycarbonate (PC), which has been specified as waste over time, is revalued by subjecting to various processes with our advanced technology recycling machines. You can experience your plastic recycling line needs with the privilege of İnan Plastik. Created with technological machines that offer a high level of functionality, the system reduces the number of PC products used and brings them back to life.

Ldpe can be recycled and is the most widely used plastic in the world. While it is a low-density polyethylene material, it is used in products such as bottles, bags, and carpets. You can acquire the recycling lines required by the plants for Ldpe recycling with the quality and technology of İnan Plastik.

Hdpe is defined as a high-density polyethylene material. It is extracted from petroleum and is used in industry and manufacturing sector. Being needed in the production of white goods, toys, electrical and electronic devices, Hdpes are materials suitable for recycling. Washing lines are used in the Hdpe recycling stage.

Professional Recycling Solutions

Pet bottles, which are brought back to life in the recycling line, are transformed into a recyclable raw material thanks to this mechanism. It can be reused with necessary machines such as pre-washing unit, crushing machine, friction, and hot washing unit. To purchase the recycling line mechanism you need for plastic recycling, you can set your course towards İnan Plastik.

When it comes to recycling lines, our advanced technology machines and equipment, which offer extreme functionality, find professional answers to your needs. With these systems that we offer to your service at high-quality standards, you can perform the recycling processes flawlessly, and take a step towards a livable world even if it is a small step.

Recycling Lines

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