Recycling lines are needed for the recycling of plastic waste. The rapid increase in consumption further expands the usage areas of plastic. Unfortunately, when it comes to the use of plastic and leaving waste materials to nature, serious damage is caused to the environment. Recycling lines, which have a revolutionary technology for the recycling of plastics that turn into waste form, come into being in the quality of Inan Plastik. The shredder machine included in the equipment, on the other hand, exhibits a perfect performance with the functionality it offers.

What is the Function of Shredder Machines?

Shredder machine is a line component that is needed in the industrial field and is used to shred waste plastics and reduce their volume. Shredder machines, as well as being able to work integrated with the line, also have extremely high performance alone. In fact, we can say in general terms that it is an advanced technology machine that prepares existing wastes for recycling.

Small small pieces, especially before sending the materials to the storage section. One of the features of shredder machines is that they are used before the crushing machine. In this way, the life of the blade is extended with the machine. The material to be shredded within the scope of recycling is shredded in equal sizes by means of shredder machines. These machines are an extremely fast, reliable and efficient system.

Using the shredder machine before the crushing machine increases the capacity. Waste material can be fed by conveyor and fork lift. The unit of these machines functions through the hydraulic system. One of the most prominent features of shredder machines is that the rotor rotates in the opposite direction in case of jamming and automatically stops and warns. It provides a reliable working performance thanks to its audible warning system.

The rotor, also called the rotor, has a water-cooled system. The surface of the rotor promises many years of use on the basis of high durability. Shredder machine provides practical breaking of many materials such as plastic, film nylon, car tires, ropes and so on.

With the Shredder shredder machine, the materials are reduced in sizes suitable for the sieve capacity. Thanks to the motors it contains, the process is carried out perfectly.

Shredder machines, which we offer to you as Inan Plastik, are produced using advanced technology. These machines, which were put into operation with special engineering power, stand out with their high quality standards. Exponentially, it is offered for sale at extremely reasonable prices. Shredder machines that your company needs are waiting for you with Inan Plastik quality and reasonable price advantage!

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