Our Vision

Our vision is to develop engineering solutions sensitive to rapidly developing plastic production and recycling sectors, environmental and human health, and resource-saving; to create a brand that is sought after and referred to all over the world by obtaining the continuous trust of the sector in Turkey and abroad via offering products that are fully compatible with the total sense of quality.

Our Mission

We consider it our duty to develop and implement engineering solutions that are fast, economical, reliable, easily applicable, and adaptable to different conditions, without compromising quality for the standard or most complex recycling needs of the plastics industry.


Our Motto

We are İnan, We are Believers

We are a team that BELIEVES in what it does and knows that it starts what it does with BELIEF

A team that knows what BELIEVING in its business and what they can do

When you BELIEVE, you trust; when you trust, you share and understand

We do not think that there is a single problem that is understood but not solved, and therefore we say that EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH BELIEVING.


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