Motor Gücü 5,5 kw
Number of Blades 6-10
Capacity 800-1200 kg/h
Dimensioning A 1440 mm
Dimensioning B 790 mm
Dimensioning C 1750 mm

Where to use:

  • Wide variety of thermoplastics,
  • Elastomers (Elastomers are basically a sub-member of thermoplastics, which are linear polymers that contain viscosity and elasticity together.)
  • From partially filled plastics
  • From virgin resins
  • It is designed to produce Compound and Masterbach pellets from very low viscosity polymers.
  • The density of the composite varies between 0,9 gr / cm³ 2,5 gr / cm³, and in places with varying rates of heavy mineral dye and masterbach's calcite,
  • Underwater cutting is a must when the fluidity is high and the Pressure drops below 80 shor.
  • Hot Melt (Hot melt adhesive, also known as hot melt glue)

UNDERWATER PELLETIZER: (Underwater granule cutting)


Underwater Pelletizer System is a Perfect Solution for Particular Applications.

As İnan Plastic Machinery, we are proud to introduce our underwater granule system to you. Comparing to the designs of our competitors, we ensure that your granules come out in high quality with our design that uses much less space. We provide continuous filtration of water in our process and this filtration minimizes your maintenance needs. Our underwater granule cutting system is specially designed by the İnan Plastik R&D team to provide added value to our valued customers. It can be conveniently used in plastic products such as PE PP LDPE and HDPE.

Advantages of Underwater Pelletizer:

  • Ideal melt distribution
  • Direct introduction of melts into the cooling circuit
  • Closed water cycle
  • Safe pelletizing process
  • Low amount of downtime and scraps through automation
  • Smooth pellets
  • Smooth pellet surface
  • No product oxidation
  • Clean operation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of the machine
  • Decent water filtration
  • Allows sales of materials at various prices.
  • It is very difficult to carry the calcite material underwater in the strand cutting. It causes fractures. Therefore, it has to be cut directly under the water.
  • The fractures caused by Color + masterbatch + titanium dioxide + other pigments are prevented by cutting underwater with an underwater pelletizer (underwater granule system).
  • It reduces the recycling costs of wedges taken from the wedge removal unit.

The underwater cutting system is a product that should be preferred by our customers that would like to produce a superior quality product. In case of any questions regarding our underwater granule cutting system, please do not hesitate to contact the İnan Plastik sales department.

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