İnan Plastic Machinery operates with the responsibility of being the leading manufacturer in our country in the plastic recycling equipment sector with its experience of more than a quarter-century.

It is our main responsibility to provide engineering solutions that are economical, reliable, easily applicable, and adaptable to different cases for today's standard or most challenging plastic recycling needs.

Our machinery and equipment have been designed to work smoothly, economically and for many years in the size reduction and recovery operation integrated into the manufacturing process of all kinds of plastic materials, and they continue to prove these features at home and abroad for years.

İnan Plastic Machinery adopts absolute customer satisfaction as its main objective, from the project-design phase of a wide range of recycling machines and plants and related auxiliary equipment to after-sales domestic and international installation and service.

Our first step in unconditional customer satisfaction is being able to develop designs, equipment and plants focused on the needs of our customers according to changing conditions and demands, and timely delivery of orders, fast installation, service, and supply of spare parts.



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