Capacity 0 – 45 cycle
Max. Forming Area 750 x 500 mm.
Sheet Raw Material Width 780 mm.
Plate Raw Material Thickness 2 mm.
Hatve 520 mm.
Press Force 32.500 daN
Forming depth 150 mm.
Compressed Air Requirement 9 mᵌ , 8 bar
Electric Power Requirement 222.11 kW (max.load)
Water pressure and temperature 3,4 bar, 8˚c , 50.000 kcal
Weight 15 tons
Usable Raw Materials PP,PS ,PET,ABS,PE
Number of resistors Longitudinally top 152 pieces, bottom 132 pieces
Min. Collation quantity 30 pieces
Max. Collation Quantity 100 pieces
Elevator Servo Motor Power 0,93 kw
Rotation angle 180 ˚
Product unloading With conveyor
Collator motion Reducer Motor
Lift Stacking System
Adjustable Conveyor speed
Thermoforming Machines 1

Food, medical, daily consumption, and industrial products can be efficiently and economically packaged by İnan Plastik Thermoforming machines. The word thermoform means forming under heat and that semi-processed plastic material is formed at high temperatures or obtaining formed parts. Semi-processed materials mostly consist of films or sheets containing powder or granules.

Thermoforming machines are designed to be used by thermoforming in packaging. The products in the packages are mostly the products offered for direct consumption and do not require further processing.

Thermoforming Machines 2

With the İnan Plastic Thermoforming packaging machine, you can pack industrial, food, medical, and consumer products economically, quickly, and efficiently. Thermoforming package machines are the machines used to re-form plastic films or sheets via heat treatment.
As İnan Plastic, we also produce thermoforming package machines. Our company, which is one of the leading companies in the industry of plastic recycling machines, produces vacuum thermoforming and fully automatic thermoforming machines as well as other machines.

General specifications of our Thermoforming Package Machines

General specifications of our IPGR 38125-xx, IPGR 38100-xx, IPGR 2880-xx models are as follows. All models we manufacture have 3 rotor blades and 2 fixed blades.They have a 380 mm rotor diameter and three different (1200/1000/800) rotor lengths. Motor power is 15/18.5 kW.

Thermoforming Machines 3

The quality of vacuum thermoforming machines directly affects the product appearance quality and the first impact on the user. The number of collations in our machines varies between 30 and 100 pieces. The product is made with an unloading conveyor, the conveyor speed is adjustable, and there is a collator motion reducer motor in each model.

Thanks to the adjustable heat in all thermoforming machines, the sheet is heated until it is softened but not damaged, and it is formed by sucking the air in the mold by vacuum method. The formed parts are taken from the mold, flattened, and take their final shape.

Thanks to the automatic thermoforming machines we manufacture, the upper and lower resistances can be controlled at different temperatures. The softening degree of each type of plastic differs from the others, thanks to our machines, these temperatures can be easily adjusted. Homogeneous heat distribution is very important in these machines.

Thermoforming Machines 4

The quality of the operation in these machines is ensured by the quality of the machines, independent of the operator. The elevator stacking system exists on all models in the standard. Their vacuum packaging quality is indisputable.

After the plastic products are used up to a certain level, the thermoforming packaging machine is used for packaging and ready-to-use products as well. Thanks to İnan Plastic Thermoforming machines, you can pack food, industrial, medical, and daily consumption products in a fast, efficient, and economical way.

You can contact us for selecting the machine suitable for your business. You can also view our thermoforming packaging machine models through our website.

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