1) Design

İnan Plastic Machinery Inc. engineering department offers ideal solutions in the recycling of all kinds of waste plastics (LDPE lines, HDPE lines, PP PE lines, and PET lines). We carry out our productions with 2d/3d detailed engineering drawings. We prepare feasibility studies, flow charts, periodic maintenance guides, user manuals, and training documents for Complete Recycling Plants. In addition, we work with all our strength to solve the plastic recycling-related problems of our customers.

2) Project Management

İnan Machine Management Department creates projects and monitors each step from start to finish. We manage the supply chain for projects. As İnan Machinery, we work with all our strength to support our customers in their projects. In order to become different from an ordinary machine manufacturer, we aim to add value to our customers rather than only selling machines.

3) Production

İnan Plastic Machinery prepares the drawings from the design department in CAM format and performs machining with the most advanced 5-axis technology CNC Machines. It produces PET recycling plants, LDPE recycling plants, HDPE recycling plants, Plastic granule lines, Tire recycling plants, Washing and drying lines, Hot washing pools, plastic crushing machines, thermoforming machines, micronizing machines, bale openers, conveyors, pre-washing, micronizing machines, compactors, steel construction platforms, walkways, connection, and platform equipment. Our electrical and electronic automation department produces electrical panels, scada control systems and develops PLC programs.

4) Installation

İnan Plastic Installation Team assembles the machines and completes plants meticulously according to the provided project drawings and performs cold installation and hot installation performance tests. In addition, İnan Machinery Team provides the manufacturing training given by experts.

5) Maintenance and Service

In case of any problems in the machines and the plants produced by our company, technicians of İnan Plastic Machinery Service Department initially try to solve the problem via phone or internet connection. If that doesn't help, they take action and visit the plant. We keep stocks for emergency cases.

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