Pneumatic Bi-directional Big Bag filling Pneumatic Piston filling
Cyclone type Stainless Cyclone
number of pneumatics 8 pieces pneumatic pistons

As Inan Plastik, we have been producing the machines that constitute the PET bottle recycling line facilities for many years. Thanks to the PET bottle recycling lines, pet bottles thrown into the waste and nature are collected and turned into plastic packaging or plastic products.

Filling stations are among the last machines of the conversion lines. It is the part where sack filling and automatic weighing processes are performed. Big Bag name; It is a general name given to specially produced big sacks for packaging, transportation and storage of powdered or granular products. These sacks are made of laminated or non-laminated fabrics with a carrying capacity of 200 kg to 2000 kg, formed by weaving polypropylene (PP) ropes.

Double Station Big-Bag Filling Unit 2

Big Bag Discharge Systems

Big bags are widely used in the packaging and shipment of granular and powder raw materials. In the PET bottle recycling line, it facilitates the transfer of the final product obtained to the destination without loss and pollution. Big bag unloading systems-sack filling unit is used for efficient and safe unloading of the materials supplied with big bags. In order to discharge the plastic granules flowing easily, the big bag unloading stations should be designed in accordance with the facility and the equipment should be selected correctly.

Inan Plastik filling station enables double-sided big bag filling with a weighing system. Filled big bags are automatically weighed. Sacks can be filled to their ideal weight thanks to the pneumatic piston filling increase in weight. Sack filling unit design is very important in terms of material handling and packaging. The filling stations we manufacture as Inan Plastik have important references in the sector.

Big bag unloading systems-sack filling unit is placed on a special steel chassis. There are 8 pneumatic pistons on the machine, so the new raw material prepared is packaged in the most ideal way. Pneumatic pistons are elements that convert gas pressure into motion. Big bag filling is done quickly in two directions. Cyclones made of the highest quality stainless material are used. The production of sack filling machine is a job that requires specialization. All your spare parts and equipment needs are met quickly in our domestic production machines.

The big bag filling unit is designed to meet the filling requirements of all capacities. Filling heads are lowered to operator ground level. We can design different filling stations according to the capacity you will use. If you want, we also provide your personnel with the necessary training for machine and system use.

If you can contact our customer representatives for the prices of the big bag unloading systems-sack filling unit produced by İnan Plastik, you will be informed in more detail. You can always request training and after-sales services from our company for all the machines we manufacture. You can contact our company for conversion machines prices.

Double Station Big-Bag Filling Unit 4

Bigbag Weighing System

It is also necessary to weigh the latest products in recycling facilities while packaging them in big bags. Precise weighing of the products is important for businesses. There is also an integrated weighing system on the domestic production unloading machine. The weighing system weighs the big bags one by one.

Thanks to the weighing system, the quantity of the material packaged in big bags can also be tracked. Sacks of the desired weight are created in systems connected to automation. Thanks to the scale filling, one of the production stages is passed quickly. Precision weighing is an important factor for production efficiency tracking and commercial relations.

You can contact our company for big bag unloading systems-bag filling unit prices. You can solve all your recycling problems with our customer representatives. We offer optimum solutions in terms of efficiency and price. We also care about spare parts support and lead times. Inan Plastik is an expert company in recycling.

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