Max Capacity 3-4 t/h
Sieve diameter (mm) 750
Sieve hole diameter (mm) 2
Cleaning Self Clean
Ana Motor Gücü (kw) 37 Kw
Maintenance easy

It is a known fact that many recycling of plastic from meat bottle recycling has significant environmental benefits. The intense increase in consumption in recent years is an indicator of how much recycling is needed. With the recycling line, a regular and high-quality recycling system can be established by continuing the best studies with the right companies for the establishment of the line that can make it successful in the recycling of plastics.


There are many applications that can be made to control the consumption processes of the consumption society, which is increasing day by day, and to recycle most of the plastic wastes together with the recycling lines under the most appropriate conditions. One of the best processes that can be applied today will be to establish the most accurate recycling line. Nowadays, in order to prevent environmental pollution, you can complete the installation of the line, including the drying machine, in the fastest way with the machines with certain applicable features. This device is used as a drying unit in the conversion process suitable for all plastic materials such as PE, PP or PET.


In this device, which is expected to be the most accurate in energy saving, the most robust recycling processes with the least energy consumption. Dryers are one of the steps in the plastic recycling line process. This machine, which is widely used in the washing line, is ready to be used after the washing line and finally the products pass to the drying machine line. These machines, which provide drying support in a short time, are known as one of the most important machines of the recycling line.

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