Feeding And Transfer Conveyor
Feeding And Transfer Conveyor

It is possible to recycle the waste of package materials, beverage and plastic bottles only in plastic bottle recycling lines. In pet bottle recycling lines, the movement of all waste entering the system is carried out by conveyors. The bales, opened by the feeding and transfer conveyor, are sent to the pre-washing drum with the horizontal feeding and inclined conveyor line. Bale opener is the starting point of the system.

You can always choose our company for your pet bottle recycling line installation and machine needs. A clean and green world, the protection of existing resources and natural beauties is only possible with recycling.

What Does a Transfer Conveyor Mean?

Transfer conveyor is the name given to the conveyors that enable the transfer of waste pet bottles or other raw materials from one conveyor to another along the recycling line. Designed according to the special needs of the customers and the preferred waste materials, these conveyors can be produced in the form of a rotary table and chain roller. Different alternatives can be used depending on the size of the product to be transferred.

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Features of Feeding and Transfer Conveyor

In the feeding and transfer conveyor unit, the body is formed by using carbon steel material. Thanks to the specially designed conveyor lines, the waste material can move rapidly within the system. The conveyor line and body connections are suitable for vibration and long-term use. With its robust structure and suitable design, it will be a part of your recycling line that will work smoothly for a long time.

Feeding dimensions are 1200 mm x 1000 mm. The conveyor width is 1200 mm. The number of feeding rollers is 4. Rollers are designed with PVC belts. The feeding part's conveyor motor power is 1.5 kW. The motor power in the transfer part is 7.5 kW. Conveyor speed can be adjusted. It will be your choice with its low energy requirement. The feeding conveyor is used to carry the waste material in the line forward. In the feeding lines, roller conveyors are preferred.

The return conveyors are located in your system according to the layout of your recycling line. The design of the conveyor systems is built by our expert staff by listening to your opinions.

İnan Plastic can be one of your primary choices for pet bottle recycling line machines. A clean and green world, the protection of existing resources and natural beauties is only possible with recycling. You can ask our company to inform you about special training and spare part services for the machines used in the pet bottle recycling line we manufacture.

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