Tank Body Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Size 5000 mm × 1800 mm × 1500 mm
Mixing Motor Power 0,75 kW
Bottom Helix Motor Power 7,5 kW
Top Helix Motor Power 5,5 kW
Feeding Helix Motor Power 0,75 kW
Label Helix 1,5 kW
Tank Outer Body Wall Thickness 3 mm
Helix Screw Thickness 4 mm
Outer Barrel 3 mm
Flotation Immersion Tank Unit 1

The main purpose of the flotation immersion tank unit, which is also specified as a washing line in the recycling line, is the separation of all foreign dusts that are mixed and not desired to be present in plastics. While applying the necessary steps in this regard, the process of separating from dust, sludge, record, soil or many other similar foreign substances and pollutants in the pool band directly after the size reduction process under the most appropriate conditions. With this application, the required line as the most important separation unit is applied and completed.

It is observed that the solid particles are settled to the bottom, allowing better cleaning. In this tank, it is expected to provide a separation formula by settling the particles to the bottom for separation in water. The more you sink in the cleaning, the more you can ensure that all foreign substances on the material surface are removed. While all the high density materials are submerged, the contaminants mixed with each other move to the bottom of the tank in this way and the maximum cleaning process is applied.

Flotation Immersion Tank Unit 2

In this area, which is designated as flotation immersion separation pools or tanks, the process of moving the materials inside as much as possible with water begins in this specially designed area with the pooling of the materials. In this process, all products that are expected to be cleaned by flotation method are requested to be carried forward with water as much as possible in the immersion separation units. Plastics that are desired to be immersed in water for a longer period of time are separated from each other by settling for recycling, and they are cleaned by resting method.

With Inan Plastik, you will be able to start your separation processes from solid particles by leaching in order to establish the best unit in the recycling field. In this process, what is both desired and expected is the preparation of the raw material ready for recycling from foreign and pollutants that are expected to be separated from each other by settling to the bottom. In this way, in the tank where the materials will float, all contaminants come to the surface and the tea related to the particles is correctly separated by filtering.

Flotation Immersion Tank Unit 3

In the units to be installed with the most accurate machines belonging to the recycling area, you can make many plastic waste that will be recycled together with the flotation separation pools can be used with these machines. Thanks to all the processes to be carried out in the recycling line, in order to prevent environmental pollution and as the healthiest practice with recycling processes, it is first taken into the resting pools and then the dirty materials are separated from each solid particles.

Inan Plastik is a brand that you can always reach and get information and support about the installation of recycling lines as one of the brands that offer you the most accurate solutions by producing high-quality machinery in the sector regarding the increasing environmental pollution. You can ask all your questions by communicating with the phone or e-mail address and get a quick response.

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