Material ASI 304 Stainless Steel
Motor Power 25 kW – 1500 rpm
Rotor Propeller Hardox Hard Metal (Durable Composition)
Dimensions 1600 mm × 3000 mm

Provides pre-washing of shredded HDPE and PP particles

İnan Plastik friction washing unit is one of the machines in the pet bottle recycling line. It has a body made of stainless steel. Since the stainless body is made of 304 quality steel, it has high corrosion resistance. It contains 18-20% chromium in its composition. Less chromium causes staining on the surface. Sufficient chromium content is important for corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance must be high in machines that constantly operate in contact with water.

You can always choose İnan Plastik for your pet bottle recycling line installation and machine needs. A clean and green world, the protection of existing resources and natural beauties is only possible with recycling. Without recycling, the amount of waste materials we see in nature would be much more. İnan Plastic can be one of your primary choices for pet bottle recycling line machines.

What Does Friction Mean?

It is a word of French origin, meaning rubbing, scouring. It becomes meaningful according to the work done in daily life. The meaning here is to clean the waste parts by friction through centrifuging.

Features of Friction Washing Unit

Thanks to the advanced technology used by our company, the friction washing unit operating under high speed wash the waste material at high speed. Thanks to the horizontal centrifuge rotor and rotor blades, it washes materials such as stuck dirt, sand, soil on waste materials. Thanks to the forming friction, the surface of the waste materials are thoroughly cleaned.

The dimensions of the unit are 1600 mm x 3000 mm. Thanks to its ergonomic design, pet bottles can be placed in several places in the recycling line. In the layout type we recommend, the sequence is friction wash flotation-immersion tank, friction washing, plastic crushing machine, friction washing. With the pre-washing and washing lines, the cleanliness and quality of waste material increases. It is one of the important machines in plastic recycling lines. While forming the washing lines, attention should be paid to the machine sequence.

The body made of stainless steel is resistant to vibration and corrosion. 304 quality steel is used in the body of the unit. The rotor propeller is made of hardox hard metal which is a durable alloy. Motor power is 25 kW - 1500 rpm. The design has been continuously improved and brought to its current ideal form.

After the plastic crushing machines, their size is reduced, and the use of the friction washing unit increases the quality of burr.

For our world to have clean and sustainable resources, recycling is essential. We provide special training and spare part services for all the machines used in the pet bottle recycling lines we produce. For detailed information, you can contact our customer representatives.

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