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Dosing system Detergent or Caustic
Approximate Weight 3500
Number of Mixer Motors 11
Operation Chambers 11
Mixer Motor Power-Revolution 1.5 - 1000
Dimensions 4550mm / 2230mm / 2900mm / 4050mm

The hot washing unit designed with the privilege of İnan Plastik Makineleri has key importance in the plastic recycling industry. You can effortlessly use our plastic hot washing unit, which adds quality to the material processed, in products such as Pet HDPE PVC PP. The working principle of our hot washing unit is as follows:

The hot washing unit used to wash extremely dirty plastics and label adhesives for high-quality demands have high washing performance with low energy consumption. We can say that it is an indispensable product of plastic washing lines. It rotates around its own axis together with the stand-alone mixers in the washing rooms built in a tank filled with caustic soda washing solution.

Each washing room is filled and emptied via the rotation principle. There are digital conductivity and temperature measurements of digital equipment that operate electronically. The automation system on the machine has been meticulously designed to assist our customers. For more detailed information, you can contact the sales team of İnan Plastik and get answers to your questions about plastic recycling.

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