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Number of Rotor Blades 3
Number of Fixed Blades 2
Rotor Diameter 320mm
Rotor Length 400mm
Motor power 11kW
Sieve Hole Diameter 8mm ( May change as per request )

In the recycling of injection runners, it works with minimum dust and scratch waste thanks to its special rotor and blade design. It is seated on lockable wheels and mobile chassis. Fully automatic feedback is available to the injection machine silo with the fan and cyclone. There is an optional hopper for manual or robotic runner feeding.

  • With the flow channels on the rotor side walls, accumulation and jamming of the crushed material in these areas are prevented. In this way, there is no need for rotor-blade geometric placement solutions, and also ease of blade assembly and adjustment is provided.
  • Thanks to the adjustable rotor and its fixed blades, the cutting range can be brought to the ideal position easily and in a short time after each grinding.
  • Reversible sieve increases service life.
  • It has design features to keep maintenance costs low.
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