Model IPPL0500-xx
Capacity PVC 800 kg/h – PE 250 kg/h
Disc Diameter 500 mm
Motor Power 55 kW
Color Varieties 4 colors

The IPPL0500-xx series micronizing machine is designed to pulverize various products such as profiles, pipes, extrusion products, films, granular raw materials, rubbers used in the plastic industry as well as many different products used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries into micron-sized powder. It precisely grinds the material crushed in the crushing machine with 6-8 mm sieve by means of high-speed discs produced in different tooth profiles according to product specifications.

  • Produced with heavy-duty, wear-resistant steel and sheets with gas metal arc welding.
  • The material to be micronized is ground between a fixed and rotary disc having angled teeth.
  • The discs are made of solid, high quality, cold-processed tool steel.
  • The number of teeth and the profile of the discs are specific to the material to be micronized. The material is micronized to optimum particle size.
  • The optional water cooling system is volume controlled.
  • Cooling water is sprayed on the discs from the center by atomizing them with compressed air. Immediately evaporating water cools the discs and material. The material is discharged in completely dry form and does not lose its color since it is not exposed to heat stress.
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