Model IPPL0800-xx
Disc Diameter 800 mm
Motor Power 90 kW
Capacity PVC 1200 kg/h – PE 400 kg/h

IPPL0800-xx series is one of the machines that İnan Plastik is proud of. As well as the plastic industry, this product is ideal for any industrial establishment that would like to reduce sizes. The micronizing machine is designed to pulverize various products such as profiles, pipes, extrusion products, films, granular raw materials, rubbers used in the plastic industry as well as many different products used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries into micron-sized powder. It precisely grinds the material crushed in the crushing machine with 6-8 mm sieve by means of high-speed discs produced in different tooth profiles according to product specifications.

  • Compact, space-saving design.
  •  Full compatibility with different grinding applications and requirements thanks to its design features.
  • Grinding discs can be replaced in a very short time.
  • The distance between the two discs can be adjusted from outside the machine in a very short time and easily.
  • The material to be ground is fed into the machine from the center with a dosing unit.
  • The ground material between the fixed and rotary discs is discharged from the chamber by vacuum.
  • The time the material stays in the grinding chamber is very short, it is not exposed to heat stress.
  • Thanks to the high peripheral speed and the ideal tooth profile of the disc, maximum efficiency is achieved with optimum energy.
  • Disc life is longer compared to similar products.
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