Motor Power 180 kW
Feeding height 2750 mm
Feeding Area 1450x2560 mm^2
Approximate Weight 9750 kg
Outlet Size 20-150 mm
Rotor Length 1500
  • Fully gas metal arc welded manufacturing from heavy-duty steel and sheets.
  • The material to be shredded is fed to the rotor by a PLC controlled hydraulic pusher.
  • The rotor, which has a special profile, is made of solid high-quality steel.
  • Rotor driving system with special reducer and inverter.
  • Double-roller, heavy-duty type bearings easily absorb crushing shocks.
  • The bushings are fully sealed from the chamber in precisely manufactured solid steel bearings.
  • Power is transmitted to the rotor via B type V belts within the safety shield.
  • Gas metal arc welded strong steel chassis mounted on vibration and shock absorbing feet.
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