Rotor Diameter 480 mm
Rotor Length 1600 mm
Rotor Blade Qty 81 (50 x 50) mm
Fixed Blade 6
Rotor Speed 125 rpm
Motor Power 110 kW
Operating Voltage 400 V

As Inan Plastik family, we are delighted to serve the plastic recycling industry.

1) Fully gas arc welded manufacturing from heavy duty steel and sheets.
2) The material to be shredded is fed to the rotor by a PLC controlled hydraulic pusher.
3) The rotor, which has a special profile, is made of one piece of high quality steel.
4) Rotor driving system with special reducer and inverter.
5) Double-roller, heavy-duty type bearings easily absorb crushing shocks.
6) Bearings are fully insulated from the chamber in precision manufactured one-piece steel bearings.
7) Power transmission to the rotor is carried out by B type V belts inside the safety visor.
8) Gas welded, strong steel chassis mounted on vibration and shock absorbing feet

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