Our 800 mm plastic shredder, also known as the plastic shredder machine operates on size reduction or regular and controlled shredding processes in industrial areas. It is used in many industries such as plastic, paper, wood, chemistry, packaging, and in public and private recycling plants such as size reduction or material disposal.

Thanks to precisely tuned blades and rotor profile:

  • efficiency at maximum capacity,
  • homogeneous chip structure and size,
  • low level of sieve wear,
  • not heating the rotor and crushed material
  • Smooth operation with a solid steel rotor
  • Long blade life and easy replacement thanks to the V-shaped blade slots



  • Rotor Diameter : 370 mm
  • Motor Power : 30 kW
  • Hydraulic Unit Motor Power: 3 kW
  • Total Weight (approximate): 2000-2500 kg
  • Sieve Diameter optional :40mm
  • Average capacity   :400-500 kg/h
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