Fan Motor Power 5,5 kW
Heating Power 30 kW
Label and Dust Separation Unit 1

Along with the cost of raw materials, all of the environmental protection processes are just a few of the factors that make recycling necessary in the production line. On the other hand, when you want to know your production costs and use them in accordance with the purpose, units are offered under the most suitable conditions.

There are some methods in order to minimize the loss of raw material in the production line. One of them is the units offered as a dust separation unit. In the production line, a large amount of dust waste generated during the crushing process occurs. With regard to reducing production costs, you can easily reduce costs and simplify your process processes to a certain extent thanks to the dust separation units that can work together with the crushers of the products.

Label and Dust Separation Unit 2

The amount of dust that comes out with the crushing process further accelerates the blunting or aging of the blades in crushing machines. If the dusts are not cleaned or when it is aimed to increase the quality in the production line, it is necessary to separate them from these dusts.

The dusts that will occur on the surface of pet burrs in all of the process processes have a permanent effect as black spots after a while. When this process is entered, it means that the products that pass through many process processes that will be donated as waste go to waste without any use. In order to avoid these situations, you can have a machine that can be combined with your own production line together with the label and dust separation units produced by İnan Plastik.

By separating powders and granules from each other under the most correct conditions, you can minimize the waste rates in the process with the label separation unit machines. As Inan Plastik, you can get more detailed information by contacting the products with conventional design.

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