The increasing use of plastic day by day is among the various reasons that is destroying the balance of nature. It is inevitable to take the necessary measures to minimize the rate of use.

At this very point, recycling lines are required. Plastics and thermoplastics, which were used in the past and are considered as waste, are transformed into reusable form by going through various processes by means of the recycling line.

LDPEs are thermoplastics suitable for recycling. These materials consisting of monomers are characterized as low-density polyethylene. In recycling, wastes are reused via utilizing the recycling line. Polyethylene materials, shortly called PE, can be reused at the plastic recycling point.

What are the Areas of Use of the LDPE?

LDPE, which is recyclable, comes to the fore in the packaging of the products. Laboratory materials are also among their areas of use. Being used in areas such as film production, paper coatings, garbage bags, and electrical insulation, LDPE has a high strength resistance. It is also seen in production of various materials such as oil bottles.

All wastes handled within this scope can be converted into raw material form and used by re-producing them with LDPE recycling lines. As İnan Plastik, we meet the LDPE recycling line needs of your company with high-quality and advanced technology machines. Our company, which is your professional solution partner for your needs, operates within the scope of 100% reliability.

What are the Difference(s) between LDPE and HDPEe?

Polyethylene is abreviated as Pe in the plastic industry. The most obvious difference between LDPE and HDPE is their density. HDPE has a higher density compared to LDPE. LDPE is the abbreviation of low-density polyethylene. While LDPE consists of monomers, HDPE is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum.

While high-density polyethylene is more costly, LDPE stands out with its low cost. You can achieve highly effective results with the LDPE recycling line for recycling thermoplastics froma waste form. The machines and equipment in the line offer advanced technology functionality and the possibility of re-utilizing plastic waste. You can reuse recycled LDPE materials in different areas.

What Does LDPE Recycling Line Do?

Plastics used in all areas of life are considered as waste after being used for a long time. As such, the rate of use of plastics is rapidly increasing day by day and taking over the balance of the world with the harm it causes. At this stage, LDPE recycling lines manifest themselves. High and low-density polyethylene materials are refreshed again thanks to the recycling lines and are used as raw materials in different areas after being subjected to production.

You can experience the LDPE recycling line you need to protect the environment and make the world a more livable place with İnan Plastik quality. You can recycle the LDPE materials used in the packaging of food products through the machines of our company that have high-quality standards. You can prevent plastic wastes from mixing in nature and recycle them.

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