• Separation rooms and holes in the specified quantity
  • Handrail and Stairs
  • Closing the mentioned locations with reservoir and bunkers (Extra)
  • The floors will be produced with a checkered plate due to Occupational Health and Safety measures.

Can be designed per our customer's wishes and needs and is delivered for you to obtain the best results within the shortest time.

İnan Plastik attaches importance to recycling and manufactures the machines preferred by successful companies in this sector. You can always choose our company for pet bottle recycling line machines. A clean and green world, the protection of existing resources and natural beauties is only possible with recycling.

There are different machines and units in the pet bottle recycling lines. As İnan Plastik, we design the part up to the plastic crushing machine as the preliminary part of the plastic bottle recycling lines we install. After the bale openers, waste separation begins with pre-washing and manual separation units.

Recycling of packaging materials, beverage and plastic bottle wastes is only possible in plastic bottle recycling lines. The recycling line consisting of many machines supports an environmentally friendly approach by reducing the use of plastic raw materials.

Thanks to the manual separation unit, the wastes are controlled and any undesirable substances or fermentation processes are prevented from entering the system.

Manual Separation Unit Features
In the manual separation unit, the pet bottles are manually separated. This unit actually consists of a platform and a flat conveyor line. It has a design compatible with other systems and machines.

Double-sided operation is ensured with the right and left stair line. The conveyor line runs automatically and the speed can be adjusted. Thanks to the manual separation, solid wastes are transferred to other parts of the recycling line in a more controlled manner.

In the manual separation unit, the body has been formed using carbon steel material. Occupational safety and a comfortable working environment are ensured with specially designed stairs and handrails. The conveyor line and body connections are suitable for vibration and long-term use. With its robust structure and suitable design, it will be a part of your recycling line that will work smoothly for a long time.

The manual separation unit is located in the recycling line, right in front of the inclined conveyor with the metal detector and the plastic crushing machine. Then there is a plastic crushing machine between two friction washers. Its use is recommended because of the problems that may arise due to methane gas.

Manual Separation Unit Prices
For pet bottle recycling lines and manual separation unit, you can contact our customer representatives through our web and phone numbers. You can always request special training and after-sales services from our company for all the machines used in the pet bottle recycling lines we manufacture.

The automatic operation of the pet bottle recycling line is only possible with compatible machines. The recycling of plastics produced for special purposes should be a target not only for our country but also for any country that aims to protect the environment and nature. For these targets, you can trust the references of İnan Plastik in your recycling lines.

One of the details you should pay utmost attention to when purchasing a manual separation unit is its price. Our customers should make a comparison of benefits, efficiency, and prices while getting a price quote in their search for a machine.

For information about the manual separation unit, you can contact our customer representatives via our web and phone numbers. It will always be beneficial for you to buy the unit after comparing the benefits, efficiency, and prices. While making your choice, please investigate in detail whether the manual separation unit is suitable for the system you will install or with your current operating system.

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