Pet Recycling Line

Every living or non-living thing in the world continues to disturb the order and pollute the earth. In this context, one of the most harmful wastes is, unfortunately, plastic bottles. Thanks to the recycling line, used plastics become reusable. The opportunity to use the existing material instead of continuously producing plastic bottles is created.

With developing technology, people are now taking action! With the pet bottle recycling line, it is possible to recycle plastic wastes. So, what is a plastic bottle recycling line? What does it do? It is time to take action so that the world becomes a livable place in an orderly and productive manner!

What is a Plastic Bottle Recycling Line?

Pet bottle recycling line is a system that allows package materials, plastic, and beverage bottles to be brought into production again by several processes with the purpose of revaluation (utilization). The recycling line, which consists of various machines, functions to separate waste and prevent unnecessary use of these resources.

When the produced pet bottles become waste in the garbage over time, they can be used again by means of recycling plants. As İnan Plastic, we offer professional solutions to your company's recycling line and plant needs. With the advanced technology machines in the line, we become your best solution partner in the operations you will carry out to protect the earth and create a livable world.

Which Machines Does the Pet Bottle Recycling Line Include?

In order for pet bottles to be included in the production and utilized again, they must go through various processes in recycling machines. Among those machines, the pre-washing line, bale opener, manual separation unit, bunker, friction, and hot washing unit are the primary ones.

Comprehensively speaking; the flotation immersion tank unit, vertical centrifuge squeezing unit, drying unit, label, and dust separation unit are also included in the pet bottle recycling line. Along with the functionality of all these machines, double station big bag filling unit, feeding, and transfer conveyor are utilized. Let us tell you what all the machines required for the formation of the line and obtaining professional solutions do.

Feeding and Transfer Conveyor: Ensures transportation of plastic wastes along the entire production line from the raw material input to the output of the machines.

Pre-Washing Unit: Is designed to remove dirt such as sand and soil on the surface of the bottle, and remove the cap and labels. At the same time, machines such as crushing, hot washing, and friction washing machines in the recycling line come to the forefront with the function of increasing the pet burr on a capacity basis.

Bale Opener: Carries out the process of separating the bales in the compressed form of the pet bottles in the pet washing line at routine speeds. It is one of the essential equipment for pet recycling.

Bunker: These are the reservoirs used to stock the materials. At the same time, they provide the correct flow and the necessary order-regulation between the crushing-sieving capacities. They resist clogging.

Friction Washing Unit: Thanks to its advanced technology rotors and rotor blades, the horizontal centrifuge washes the dirty materials with water under high speed. Thanks to the friction created in this way, it provides a high level of deep cleaning.

Flotation Immersion Tank Unit: Carries out separation with efficient density management for materials and a highly effective cleaning process. It functions with the flotation-immersion principle.

Vertical Centrifuge Squeezing Unit: Carries out the process of reducing the moisture rate of the materials and removing water from burr materials under high speed.

Drying Unit: Removes burrs coming out of the vertical centrifuge very effectively. It is used with the function of absorbing the ambient air and heating up to the required temperature. It ensures that the moisture is reduced and evaporated in the hot air stream.

Label and Dust Separation Unit: Provides separation of labels and dust in the dried pet particles via air method.

Double Station Big Bag Filling Unit: Increases the filling weight with the reciprocating bag shaking method and automatically weighs the filled Big Bags.

Recycling Pp Pe special-purpose plastics is the most accurate step human beings took to protect the environment and actually the earth. Pet bottles should be recycled in plastic recycling plants and unnecessary use should be terminated. Pet bottle recycling lines are offered to you with the privilege and high-quality service of İnan Plastik.

As pet materials that are used continuously become reusable by the relevant plant in the focus of recycling, environmental pollution will decrease and disappear over time. Since the bottles that remain in the form of waste in the garbage are brought back to life with the pet recycling line, you can obtain the machines and line systems that your company needs with the privilege of our brand. You can contact us through our website for detailed information and experience the service you need at high-quality standards.

Below, you can see the machine sequences of the Pet lines we have established as İnan Plastic Machinery

»» 1- Bale Opener
»» 2- Pre-Washing Drum
»» 3- Manual Separation Platform
»» 4- Inclined Conveyor with Metal Detector
»» 5- Plastic Crushing Machine
»» 6- Friction Washing
»» 7- Flotation-Immersion Tank
»» 8- Friction Washing
»» 9- Plastic Crushing Machine
»» 10- Friction Washing
»» 11- Flotation-Immersion Tank
»» 12- Vertical Centrifuge
»» 13- Caustic Soda Washing
»» 14- Caustic Soda Washing
»» 15- Vertical Centrifuge
»» 16- Flotation-Immersion Tank
»» 17- Vertical Centrifuge
»» 18- Drying
»» 19- Label and Dust Separation
»» 20- Filling Station (Big Bag) with Weighing System

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