Material Carbon Steel
Drum Length 4500 mm
Drum Diameter 950 mm
Display Clearance Diameter 50 mm
Motor Power 15 kW
Helix Diameter 300 mm
Helix Motor Power 3 kW
Dimensions 1400 × 6000 × 4400 mm
Pre-Washing Unit 1

It is very important to collect and recycle plastic products whose usage is increasing day by day with technological developments and fast consumption habits. Due to this importance, sufficient, and efficient use of resources is required.

Our company attaches importance to recycling and produces machines preferred by successful companies in this sector. You can always choose our company for pet bottle recycling line machines.

Pet Bottle Recycling Lines

Recycling of package materials, beverage and plastic bottle wastes is only possible in plastic bottle recycling lines. The recycling line consisting of many machines supports an environmentally friendly approach by reducing the use of plastic raw materials. Pet bottle recycling line consists of machines and groups such as pre-washing line, bale opener, manual separation unit, bunker, friction, and hot washing unit, flotation immersion tank unit, vertical centrifuge squeezing unit, drying unit, label, and dust separation unit.

A greener world, the protection of existing natural beauties and resources is only possible with recycling. Recycling of plastic package products has also become an important sector. With the machines it produces, İnan Plastik has become a trusted and referenced brand in the recycling sector, both domestically and abroad. İnan plastic pre-washing unit main body is manufactured using high-quality carbon steel. Thanks to the special carbon steel used in its structure, it is suitable for long-term use.

Pre-Washing Unit 3

İnan Plastik Pre-Washing Unit

İnan Plastik pre-washing unit is one of the important units of the plastic package recycling line. It is designed to remove dirt such as soil and sand on the plastic package surface. Cleaned surfaces lead to a quality burr surface. Better quality results are always obtained with waste material cleaned from external contaminants. The pre-washing drum has a powerful and long-lasting motor. Motor power is 15 kW.

The dimensions of the pre-washing unit produced by our company are 1400 × 6000 × 4400 mm. The main body is formed using carbon steel material. Specially designed carbon steel main body is suitable for vibration and long-term use. The robust main body will extend the life of your machine and increase the efficiency of internal parts.

Increasing the burr quality enables other machines in the recycling line to work more efficiently. The pre-washing unit in the recycling line helps machines such as hot washing, crushing machine, and friction washing to work more efficiently. The industrial type spraying unit provides a powerful washing.

Pre-Washing Unit 4

Technical Features of the Pre-Washing Unit

The pre-washing unit, which is seated on a carbon steel main body, mainly consists of two parts. In the first part, quality washing is provided with water, and in the second part, water and foreign substances are thoroughly filtered. It has an angle valve design. The bench-mounted angle valve provides ease of use. Instead of continuously producing plastic bottles from new raw materials, it is more proper to produce plastic bottles and package materials from waste plastic packaging materials.

The general technical features of the machine are as follows. İnan plastic pre-washing unit has a quality carbon steel main body. It has a powerful motor; motor power is 15 kW. The helix diameter is 300 mm and helix motor power is 3 kW. The drum length is 4500 mm and the drum diameter is 950 mm.

The recycling of plastics produced for special purposes should be a target not only for our country but also for any country that aims to protect the environment and nature. For achieving these targets, use the İnan Plastik washing unit in your recycling lines.

Recycling plastic bottles and packaging materials will reduce environmental pollution. Thanks to these machines, waste materials found in the garbage and nature are recycled. In the İnan Plastic pre-washing unit, food containers and beverage bottles go through a strong pre-washing in the first part of the machine, then all waste materials transferred to the second part are removed from the wastewater and dirt generated as a result of washing.

For machine information, you can contact our customer representatives via our web address and phone numbers. You can always request special training and after-sales services from our company for all the machines used in the pet bottle recycling lines we manufacture.

Pre-Washing Unit 5

Pre-Washing Unit Prices

Particular machines are used in the recycling of plastic materials. Being produced in accordance with many waste bottle forms, the İnan Plastik pre-washing unit is a very successful machine. With pre-washing unit, you can make your recycling line more efficient.

One of the most important points when purchasing a pre-washing unit is its price. Our customers should make a comparison of benefits, efficiency, and prices while getting a price quote in their search for a machine. The pre-washing unit is located in front of the machines such as hot washing, crushing machine, and friction washing. A quality pre-washing helps these machines work much more efficient. In this unit, all the waste on pet bottles such as dirt, soil, and dust is removed.

For detailed information about the pre-washing drum, you can contact our customer representatives through our web and phone numbers. It will always be beneficial for you to buy your machine after comparing the benefits, efficiency, and prices. Please take into consideration the power and energy consumption of the motors used in the pre-washing unit, machine main body compositions, and technical support opportunities while choosing your machine.

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