Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Motor Power 22 kW – 1500 rpm
Rotor Length 1600 mm
Helix Feeding Motor Power 1,5 kW
Inlet Diameter 200 mm
Outlet Diameter 180 × 180 mm
Dimensions 1950 mm × 2250 mm × 2900 mm
Moisture Less than 10%

As plastic products are seen in many parts of our lives, recycling has become an important sector for the environment and human health. Recycling has been a very sensitive issue for the use of resources and environmental awareness. As İnan Plastic, our first goal has been to be a trusted and referenced brand with the machines we produce in Turkey and abroad.

Pet Bottle Recycling Line

The vertical centrifuge squeezing unit is a machine used in the pet bottle recycling line. With the pet bottle recycling line, packaging materials and plastic bottles are turned into raw materials again. Thanks to recycling, environmental awareness and resource waste issues are considered ideally. In this way, many plastic wastes that can possibly spread to nature become packaging material or beverage bottles again.
Producing plastic bottles and packaging materials from waste materials instead of continuously producing plastic bottles is the right way that should be preferred for the whole world.

What are the Areas of Use of Centrifuge Squeezing Units?

Vertical centrifuge squeezing units are a group that should be used in washing machines. There are different analog machines used as carpet washing machines, as well as those we produce, which are used for removing excess water from the washed plastic burrs. The vertical centrifuge squeezing unit is a machine that must be located in the pet bottle recycling line.

Under high speed, the water in the burr material is reduced and the moisture content is reduced to less than 10%. It is a machine used before the drying unit in the recycling line.

Squeezing machines are also used in different areas, the first thing that comes to mind is the carpet squeezing machines in carpet washing facilities. These machines are mostly positioned horizontally. As the working principle, it is aimed to move the water away from the washed material under high speed.
The vertical centrifuge squeezing unit we produce as İnan Plastik removes the water from the burr material under high speed, reduces the amount of water in it, and makes the moisture content less than 10%. It is a machine that requires a drying unit in the pet bottle recycling line.

Vertical Centrifuge Squeezing Unit Technical Specifications

It is produced by using AISI 304 quality stainless steel material. Motor power is 22 kW-1500 rpm. It has a specially designed long rotor (1600 mm), this way the moisture content of the plastic burrs is significantly reduced. The material inlet section diameter is 200 mm and the outer section diameter is 180 mm x 180 mm.
With the dimensions of 1950 mm × 2250 mm × 2900 mm, it is included in the recycling lines without taking up much space. Vertical centrifuge squeezing units are used as squeezing machines in plastic bottle recycling lines.

Plastic wastes that passed through crushing machines in recycling plants are washed in washing boilers. Vertical centrifuge squeezing units perform dewatering by means of mechanical squeezing methods. After dewatering, the moisture content, depending on the plastic type and particle thickness, is below 10% on different scales.

İnan Plastik vertical centrifuge squeezing unit is preferred in terms of its ease of use and cost. It is much more economical in dewatering compared to hot air centrifuge systems.

The recycling of plastics produced for special purposes should be a target not only for our country but also for any country that aims to protect the environment and nature. For these targets, use İnan Plastik vertical centrifuge squeezing unit in your recycling lines.

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