As Inan Plastik, we have been producing the machines that constitute the PET bottle recycling line facilities for many years. Thanks to the pet bottle recycling process, pet bottles thrown into the waste and nature are collected and turned back into plastic packaging or plastic products. Thanks to the machines used in the recycling lines, raw materials are provided for the use of plastic and the nature is also contributed.

Pet Bottle Recycling Line

The systems that allow wastes such as plastic and beverage bottles and packaging materials to be reused in different processes for the purpose of recycling are called pet bottle recycling line. As Inan Plastik, we are one of the important companies in the system installation and necessary machinery production for many years with important references in the sector.

You can reach the necessary information by contacting our customer representatives to get prices for the PET bottle recycling machine. The most important thing to consider here is that you reach the optimum value in terms of price and efficiency.

While creating PET bottle recycling lines, Inan Plastik has bale opener, pre-washing drum, manual separation platform, inclined conveyor with metal detector, plastic crushing machine, friction washing, flotation - immersion tank, vertical centrifuge, caustic soda washing, drying, label and dust separation. We set up systems within the filling station.

The prices of the PET bottle recycling lines are determined by the machines used in the system, their numbers and capacities. If you want to establish a transformation facility, it would be beneficial for you to contact companies like us that have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field.

The use of plastic bottles and plastic packaging is constantly increasing due to fast living conditions. It is not correct to leave these materials as waste in nature or in urban waste. Thanks to the plastic recycling facilities established or to be established, these wastes are offered to people again. As Inan Plastik, we offer professional solutions for your recycling line and facility needs at affordable prices. We can be your biggest solution partner in your facilities to protect nature and sustainable resources with advanced technology machines located in the transformation lines.

You can come and see the operation of our machines in our company environment. We are able to offer special solutions for PET bottle recycling facilities thanks to our special equipment that can be designed on a customer basis. You can use different equipment in our machines for different productions.

Pet Bottle Recycling Line Machines

You can set up a PET bottle recycling line with the following machines produced by our company.

Feeding and Transfer Conveyor: Conveyors ensure the transportation of wastes from the raw material entrance to the exit throughout the facility you have created.

Pre-Washing Unit: It is designed to separate the dirt such as sand and soil on the bottles or packaging materials from the caps and labels. Apart from its main task, this machine comes to the forefront with its functionality such as the more efficient operation of other machines (such as crushing machine, hot washing and friction washing) in the conversion line and increasing the quality of pad burrs.

Bale Opener: Provides rapid separation of the baled state of the pet bottles that will enter the pet washing line. It enables the processes in the conversion line to run faster and a more efficient production. The plastic recycling facility is one of the welcome machines.

Plastic Crushing Machine: Inan Plastic crushing machines ensure that the waste material entering the system is brought to the desired dimensions. Smaller particles can be cleaned much more easily and a quality burr material can be produced. Thanks to its original design, it can be easily cleaned between different colors and different plastic materials.

Friction Washing Unit: It washes dirty materials with horizontal centrifuge under high speed. A deep cleaning is provided with the fraction formed, resulting in high quality burrs.

Flotation Immersion Tank Unit: A separation and cleaning is provided according to the specific mass of the waste materials used.

Vertical Centrifuge Squeezing Unit: It ensures that the washed materials are dehydrated. Under high speed, the moisture content of waste materials is reduced. The efficiency of these machines will allow the drying unit to consume less energy.

Drying Unit: The waste material from the vertical centrifuge provides fast and effective drying of the burrs. It works in the logic of heating up to a certain temperature by drawing the ambient air. It provides the reduction of moisture from the burr material and evaporation with the help of hot air flow.

Label and Dust Separation Unit: It provides separation of different materials and dusts in dried pet particles with the help of air.

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