One of the productions of our company is plastic crushing machines. Companies that do plastic recycling work recycle waste products using plastic crushing machines. Thanks to these machines, raw materials are provided for the use of plastic and contribute to the environment. By collecting used plastics from nature and making them reusable, savings in natural resources are achieved.

Recycling And Environment

If there were no plastic recycling; Plastic materials found as waste in nature would be expected to decay in their own form for years. Inan Plastik crushing machines and recycling equipment can work in harmony with all types of plastics with their superior performance. Crushing machines, which can work in many different capacities, offer professional solutions to recycling companies thanks to their performance and functionality.

Thanks to plastic recycling, materials such as pipes, blowing elements (drums, barrels, fuel tanks), plastic profiles, industrial extrusion waste and materials such as abs, rubber, pet, ps, pc can be easily recycled. You can choose our machines for all kinds of plastic recycling works.

Medium and high capacity crushing machines and equipment are among the most needed products in plastic recycling. These machines shred plastic material into small pieces. Plastic crushers can be used in the system or individually. Plastic crushing machines are among the important machines in recycling systems. When setting up recycling systems, these machines are usually positioned just after the bale opener, pre-washing and separation modules.

Plastic crushing machines positively affect the protection and cleaning of the environment. The efficiency of these machines increases this benefit much more. Plastic wastes, which are divided into appropriate piece sizes, quickly start recycling processes.

Plastic Crusher Machine Features

Inan Plastic crushing machines are very quiet and very powerful. One of the useful and indispensable alternatives for all the plastic recycling facilities you will establish is the crushing machines produced by our company. Inan Plastic crushers are suitable for recycling all plastic waste, our production is of high quality. The blades on the rotors and on the fixed blades were subjected to special processes and sufficient hardness was achieved. Thanks to the specially produced blades, a long-lasting use is possible.

You can contact the experts of our company to get detailed information about the plastic crushing machines with many different capacities for the plastic recycling facilities that you are or are planning to establish. Machines of different sizes according to the structure of your facility work very efficiently and silently. They are much more performance products thanks to the cross cut. Crushed material in the desired ideal granule size can be obtained. Thanks to its ergonomic designs, it takes a very small place in the business. Their capacities vary from kg level to ton level, depending on machine models.

You can come and see the operation of our machines in our company environment. The knives used in plastic crushing machines can be sharpened many times. Thanks to the rotor structure that can be designed on customer basis, plastic crushing machines can be designed according to the waste material to be used predominantly. Different equipment can be used in our machines for different plastic materials.

Thanks to its original design, it can be easily cleaned between different colors and different plastic materials. You can contact our company for your needs of crushing machines in all capacities. Internal parts and parts of Inan Plastik crushing machines are specially designed. The side walls of the rotors in the machine are manufactured to prevent material accumulation. Thanks to this design, the accumulation of broken material in these areas is prevented.

Adjustable rotor and fixed blades on the machine are part of the design. Thanks to this design, the cutting range can be brought to the ideal distance quickly after each use. The direction of motor rotation is reversible, thus extending the service life of the screen. The cut products can be adjusted in different sizes. It is a long-lasting machine thanks to the rotor made of specially hardened steel. Thanks to its robust internal and external structure, it can provide uninterrupted support to production for long periods.

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